• Main office: 77 Cristobal St., Paco, Manila, 1007
  • Call us (632) 561.9676 - (683) 561-3371

About us

Our History

PCL is formerly known as The Nuville Corporation, a family corporation that started in 1983. For several years, the company is focused on the growing needs of the industry to keep businesses stable and steadfast.

In 2002 PCL ventured to Contract Warehousing. PCL successfully formulated strategic plans offering reliable outsourcing services that are inevitable to businesses seeking significant savings. 

PCL's services give its client the oppurtunity to reduce costs, Manage assets and labor, enhance flexibility, and reduce investments in assets. Put simply, this contract warehousing services allow its recipient to focus attention on managing the core competencies or expertise of its business.

As a contract warehouse provider that offers a lot more than the ability to store goods, PCL administer client's business operations in a cohesive package that is measured, managed and above all, understood.

PCL acknowledges the importance and complexity of moving stocks from source to recipient, and is very much committed in giving real solutions that are simpler, faster, dependable and cost effective.

In addition, PCL develops and provides customize solutions based on customer needs. All sets of procedures and processes are formed and harnessed according to what the customer requires and how the customer wants the operations to be.


PCL has always been driven by its purpose. Creating jobs. Sharing the faith. Provide services and facilities with solid advantages towards logistics excellence and efficiency. Develop diverse teams, customer & results oriented, focused and work in synergy with our customers and stakeholders.


We aspire to grow the business and to be the preferred and most sought logistics partner towards excellence, quality, safety, efficiency and sustainability.

More about us

Although started with a very humble beginning back in 2003, PCL has expanded its Warehousing & Logistics services at a fast pace because of the many advantages it has offered to its satisfied clients.

  • Established in 2003 in a small Warehouse in Paco, Manila
  • With almost 85,000 sqm of warehouse space being rendered to clients
  • Proudly a 100% Filipino Owned Corporation
  • Through the years, developed capabilities of PCL includes the following

  • Contract Warehousing & Inventory Management (Dry & Cold Storage)
  • Distribution Management (Finished Goods & Raw Materials)
  • Built to Suit Warehouse Facilities
  • Container Yard Operations
  • Transport Services & Management
  • Heavy Equipment & Material Handling Equipment Rental
  • Professional Factory Services
  • Reverse Logistics Management
  • We offer to simplify and streamline
  • We design operations based on what you need
  • We reiterate partnership, let’s be transparent
  • Our job is to care, not just to count
  • We find solutions, yet we create them too
  • Creating jobs for the Filipinos – a passion
  • Talk to us, we really mean “us”
  • As your Logistics Partner..

    PCL will not stop taking further steps towards achieving service fulfilment as a business partner. For us, win-win principle equates to service satisfaction.

    We will continue and we will endeavor to do OUR BEST towards achieving NEW HIGHS in handling your operations.

    The entire PCL Team is committed and we have one passion for a greater synergy with our customers.

    The developed excellence in service and relationship has recently brought the company to its significant growth while more opulent opportunities are already at hand.

    Several manufacturing firms call for additional services to support their increasing production requirement. PCL Inc., being in the right industry at the right time, is propelled to optimize its resources in terms of capital to accommodate the business demands.

    Our team is created by relationship, sustained by harmony, and driven by passion. These things hurl us to diligence and excellence in performing our duties and responsibilities.

  • Safety Excellence Award June 2017 from Workplace Advocates on Safety in the Philippines, Inc. (WASPI)
  • 1st Eagle Award for Excellence in SH&E
    (Bestowed to PCL MMC on July 11, 2018 during Nestle SC-QSHE 1st Half-Review, Nestle Makati Office)
  • A member of Supply Chain Management Association of the Philippines (SCMAP)
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